Our One-Month Anniversary

I realize it might be too late to do this, but today is our one-month anniversary! *throws confetti* The party will start tomorrow, and it will be epic. All Clans will attend, and there’ll be a list of requirements. Each Clan must bring:




A Movie to Watch(as long as it’s appropriate)


That is all! See you there! *throws confetti*


March 31st Gathering

Yay! It’s our first Gathering! *throws confetti* First, I’m going to tell you how this Gathering works. The Gathering is going to be all day. During the morning and the afternoon(even though I doubt anyone will be on until 5:00pm EST), this is going to be a time where the members are going to tell stories, talk, play games, and have fun. At 8:00pm EST, we will have a traditional Warriors Gathering, with leaders announcing news and cats from different Clans talking to eaah other and all that stuff.

Have fun at our first Gathering! *throws more confetti*

The Cave of Stars

The Cave of Stars is a huge cave big enough to hold all Clans. It is the Gathering place, and is very close to WaterClan(they take pride in this).  In the Cave of Stars, there is huge hole in the roof, allowing the cats to see the stars, the moon, and whether StarClan is angry. The cave also sparkles like stars at night.

Gatherings are held on the day of the full moon in real life.

2018 Gathering Dates

March 31

April 29

May 29

June 28

August 26

September 24

October 24

November 23

December 22

EarthClan Camp and Territory Description

EarthClan Camp-EarthClan lives in a sheltered hollow. They don’t have any cover, so there are always two guards guarding the camp. During leaf-bare and when it rains, EarthClan cats shelter in old badger, fox, or rabbit dens.

The nursery and elder’s den are old bagder sets. The rest of the EarthClan cats sleep outside, under the stars.

EarthClan Territory-EarthClan lives on the moor. It borders AirClan and FireClan.

The Tunnels-all EarthClan cats are required to tunnel, and they frequently alternate between tunneling and moor running.

The Lookout Ridge-a ridge that is used to keep a lookout for trespassing cats or threats.